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  "Empact Sphere is an inspired and inspiring group of people who are all givers, with a mission of helping others fulfill their own potential, but what is really unique is the genuineness and vulnerability with which each member shares their experiences, both successes as well as failures.

For entrepreneurs who struggle to find others who speak the same gibberish, this has been a group that not only speaks it and understands it, but deciphers it and channels it."

Shradha Agarwal, Co-Founder, ContextMedia

"Empact Sphere has been tremendously rewarding both personally and professionally. It has provided me with valuable connections and experiences far beyond my expectations.

I now regularly communicate with a handful of the Sphere members and our Facebook group is the first place I go when I am in need of specific connections, resources, or expertise.

Specific suggestions and resources have been very helpful in solving timely problems and growing our business."

Eric Corl, Co-Founder, Fundable & Idea Buyer

Sphere is not just another mastermind group. Sphere is my extended family. This group is composed of the most accomplished, giving, and talented people on the planet. They get me, love me and challenge me to be better. I’m busy all the time, yet I make time for this group because it fills me with energy and passion to be better. It’s the real deal, and I am thankful to be included."

Jason Duff, Founder, COMSTOR Outdoor