Empact Sphere brings the country’s top, values-based young entrepreneurs together to build deep, lifelong friendships that are personally and professionally transformative.

Who It's For

Empact Sphere Membership is exclusive to young entrepreneurs who have achieved both entrepreneurial success and have demonstrated a commitment to personal development and using their success to positively impact our world.

Why a Sphere?

As we strive to reach the potential within us, we quickly learn that the path to its manifestation is dependent on balancing so many different parts of ourselves. Success means everything from entrepreneurial success to personal fulfillment to social impact, and more. If we could maintain each of these elements in an equilibrium, each radiating from the center that is our potential, we would see a sphere. We aim to support each other in developing that personal sphere.

As each personal sphere develops, the grander sphere around the center that is human potential also grows and rounds out. As each of us comes closer to our own potential, we also approach the equilibrium in the sphere of the world and what we're capable of achieving together.

What We Do

The cornerstones of Empact Sphere are connections, virtual masterminds, and Sphere retreats. Members are required to attend at least two or four quarterly retreats and all virtual masterminds.

  • Connections to once in a lifetime experiences, international delegations, top leaders, world class institutions, advisory boards/councils, memberships, awards & recognition.
  • Virtual Masterminds are quarterly video calls where Sphere members plan, share, and pursue their biggest personal goals with each other.
  • Mastermind Retreats are quarterly retreats that include prestigious speaking opportunities, masterminding, once-in-a-lifetime activities, and a private home/chef.

To apply to join, please visit this page. If you have already been invited to apply, you will receive a registration link via email.